Welcome to The Pharmacology Review

Welcome to The Pharmacology Review!  We are developing this resource for healthcare practitioners and trainees to learn and discuss clinical pharmacology.  Pharmacology Review is built on the principles of Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAMed), because we believe that breaking down barriers to medical resources – including knowledge – will benefit public health and well-being throughout the world.

If you have notable experiences as a clinician or a patient with a certain drug, please describe your experience in the comment section below each drug.

We currently have placeholder slides (containing sufficient information for preclinical medical licensing exams) in place for about 100 drugs, and will be adding ~1 clinical slide/day.  If you are interested in pharmacology and would like to help with this project,  please contact us!  Also if you have any corrections, requests, or other feedback you can reach us at drugmechanisms@gmail.com.  Follow us on Twitter (@thepharmareview) or Facebook (“Pharmacology Review” page).

– Pharmacology Review Team, Spring 2018

Seattle, WA, USA